Thrill Your little Girl With Minnie Mouse Party Favors

Published: 29th April 2010
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Disney characters are quite popular amongst the little kids and one of the most popular Disney character is Minnie Mouse. The way she talks, laughs, walks are adored by little girls and they would definitely like to have a Minnie Mouse party favors theme on their birthday party. Although Minnie Mouse may be old, she surely has managed to stay in the hearts of both the adults and the kids forever.

The invitations for the Minnie Mouse birthday party favors can either be purchased from online stores or be designed based on your creativity skills. You can cut out the shape of Minnie's head on a black cardstock and the party details can be written inside the invitations. Wordings can say something like "Oh Heavens, Look who is turning (age of your girl). Join in on the celebration on date, time and (venue).

To give the Minnie Mouse birthday party theme a more attractive look, you can make use of red, white, pink colors for the balloons and the streamers. The walkway leading to the entrance of the party hall can have foot prints of Minnie Mouse and you can make use of banners that say 'Welcome Mouseketeers to Minnie Mouse clubhouse'. You can even add giant posters of Minnie Mouse and her friends so that the kids can click photos with their favorite cartoon characters.

Many of the guests may not be able to arrive on time and this may make the kids restless and impatient. Instead of listening to their tantrums you can indulge them into introductory activities like coloring competitions, watching episodes of Minnie Mouse or you can even give away Minnie Mouse headbands and color their noses with black sketch pen.

Minnie Mouse loves cheese and some of the food items that can be included at the Minnie Mouse party favors theme are cheese sandwiches, crackers, pizzas, hotdogs, burgers, smoothies, ginger ale and many more. The birthday cake should be ordered at least a week in advance or you can have it baked in the shape of Mickey Mouse and some of the items can also be used for the kids birthday party favors pack.

Let us now talk about the games and activities which are undoubtedly the most exciting part of the event. Some of the games that can keep the children captivated for hours are Swinging at The Minnie Mouse Pinata, Don't Wake the Giant, Bark Like Pluto, Minnie Mouse Says and many more. You can even ask the kids to dance to their favorite music and showcase their talent to the audience.

Deciding on what to give away as kids birthday party favors is a lot easier if you purchase pre made party favors licensed by Disney. If you know what the kids will like as party favors you could include your own list like candies, Minnie mouse stuffed toys, activity books, box of crayons, Minnie mouse masks and many more.

The above ideas are sure to make your Minnie Mouse party favors theme a huge success amongst the guests as well as with your kid. This birthday party will be the talk of the town and will be remembered by your child in the near future. You can even take the help of blogs, articles or forums for tips and advice about hosting such themes.

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