Party Theme That Ends With Wonderful Hello Kitty Party Favors

Published: 11th February 2011
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Everyone, especially children love birthday parties with a theme that revolves around their favorite cartoon characters. A Hello Kitty themed birthday parties are hot among girls of all age group. Once the selection of the theme is done, you need to make a decision on the invitations, decorations, Food, games and activities and finally on the hello kitty party favors.

You cannot throw a party without invitations. To invite your guest you need some good looking invitation cards, which can amaze the invitees. Invitation card sets the mood among the invitees. It creates a picture in the guests mind about the party and helps build eagerness and anticipation. Creating invitation cards is an art. You can save some money by creating your own invitations cards.

If you do not have much time then you can get readily available hello kitty invitation cards instead of personalizing them. Now that you have decided to personalize them, you need few raw materials like glitters, glue, colored papers etc. Use some glue and glitter to decorate the card. Buy some hello kitty stickers and stick them on each card to create the theme.

Once you have invited all the guests, you need to focus on decoration and food to be served in the party. Since, Hello Kitty theme is used for the party, the color scheme remains pink and red. Decorate the hall with balloons, streamers and glitters. Every table has to be decorated with a bouquet of flowers or balloons and a hello kitty toy.

A personal touch can be provided to the birthday party by hanging a hello kitty banner. You can either purchase one or even personalize it. This completely depends on your budget. Also provide some playing toys and games on a table. This makes the children happy as they can play around. There are hundreds of decoration ideas on the internet. Make your search to find the best for you.

Choosing party food is very important while planning a party. The food should go along with the party theme. Make sandwiches in the shape of flower, heart, star, and cat using appropriate sandwich cutters. Add hotdog, watermelon balls, strawberries covered with chocolate, pink lemonade and lot of other food with pink background.

Hello kitty party favors are important part of any party with the same theme. Yet, birthday cake is more important item for any birthday party. Luckily, the sweet face of hello kitty is the simplest design to make a cake. If you are good at cakes, try baking a cake in the shape of Hello Kitty itself. This will be a pleasant surprise for the kids.

Party favors are the last but the main element of a birthday party. Do not postpone organizing this all important task until the very last minute. The rush can make you can get something very silly which the children might not like. Look on internet, here you will find many hello kitty party favors ranging from flower shaped sunglasses to lip gloss, Hello kitty activity books, to hair clips. Choose the one that fits your budget.

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