Guitar Party Favors And Eatables

Published: 19th March 2012
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All your toys for party favors aside, children eagerly await all the yum that awaits them at your birthday parties for kids. When you throw a guitar themed birthday party for your son or daughter, your favor kit better include some of the tastiest eatables on offer. Only then will your guitar party favors cut ice with each and every one of your little guests. Here are some simple ideas that can turn your birthday party into a rocking event.

The first in the list of course has to be candies. These candies can be guitar shaped or a related one. For instance, guitars are often related to rock start, so other instruments such as drums and cymbals, along with the sticks also make a lot of sense. You can get candies that are molded into these shapes quite easily. You can even get them custom made just for this birthday party event and give it a really special twist.

The same goes for lollipops too. They are very desirable for children below 6 years of age. Like candies, they are available in virtually any shape you want them to be. Since this is a guitar birthday party, you want guitar shapes lollipops. Buy different flavors and colors to maintain a certain variety and excitement for children. If not he shapes, you can customize the wrapper the way you want by printing names or shapes on to them.

When it comes to chocolates, there is no age bar for loving them. Millions of people around the world gorge on chocolates, like there is no tomorrow. Custom guitar chocolates can be added to party favor boxes for everybody, bar none. Use the softness of chocolates to print your child's name on it, so that it highlights the importance of the event. You can do more guitar designs inside large chocolates for greater effect.

Chocolates come in many varieties and each person, whether it is a kid or an adult, has his own choice. Some like dark chocolates, while others are more in favor of milk chocolates because of their mild taste. Buy both these flavors so that your guests can have what they like better and are not left without a choice.

Cookies can also put some life into your party favor box. Virtually everybody loves cookies, whether it is a 4 year old or 80 year old. Besides, if you are a cookie Mom, there is no better choice for yummy eatables for kids to take home. If you can find cookie trays with the guitar shape, then it is all good. Anyways, you can also buy custom molded cookies from a local store that you frequent.

Cupcake may be slightly tricky for you to add as party favors. You can do little about shaping them as guitars because they are mostly round. However, you can do something nice with the wrapper and emphasize the theme with guitar illustrations along with a rock star of your choice such as Bono or the likes. You can pick any star and it will look perfect. If you feel cupcakes are challenging, you can always place custom orders with your preferred bakery.

Of course, you don't need to put half a dozen food items to party favor boxes. Some of them are part of your party food, while the smaller items such as candies and lollipops sit inside party favor boxes, hiding and waiting to be found by delighted kids.

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